Nafisah Ula

Organizing Director

Nafisah (at)

Nafisah Ula serves as the organizing director for the national office of Jobs With Justice. Now based in Portland, OR, she has been an organizer and campaigner since she was a teenager in Laramie, WY. Nafisah has worked with the domestic and international trade union movement since 2009. She’s hopped all over the country for the AFL-CIO’s Center for Strategic Research, built campaigns with SEIU, and supported working people who provide behavioral health and head start services in Oregon join together with AFSCME. In recent years, Nafisah aided members of the National Guestworker Alliance and the New Orleans Worker Center for Racial Justice in experimenting with new models of building their power.

Her experiences in campaigning and movement building have instilled a deep commitment to using the strengths inherent in our communities by organizing in the most strategic and impactful ways possible. Nafisah holds degrees from the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago.