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Calling all Black Strategists…become a contributing member of the Advancing Black Strategists today. Contributing members of ABSI have a chance to network with other Black strategists as they pursue careers in the labor and economic justice sphere, and to support each other as they face challenges in this work. Member benefits include regular meetings and webinars, trainings and fellowships, mentorship opportunities, access to job postings and research/publication opportunities, and the chance to network with other Black strategists in this field. Your contribution is vital to our ability to grow and strengthen this initiative.

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*ABSI is a joint project of the Jobs With Justice Education Fund (JWJEF), the Black Worker Initiative at the Institute for Policy Studies, and Morehouse College International Comparative Labor Studies. Contributions will be collected and disbursed by JWJEF, which is a 501c3 tax deductible organization. Your contribution will be tax deductible.

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