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Workers are resisting anti-democratic billionaires and anti-worker politicians. Corporations (and their CEOs) are scared. And they should be

Across industries – hotel workers and baristas to autoworkers and actors – workers are demanding family-sustaining wages, dignity, and a voice at work as fair returns for their labor.

The fight is far from over, though. Corporations like Amazon, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, and SpaceX have ramped up attacks against workers. Their companies argue that the agency that enforces our nation’s labor laws can’t protect workers’ rights to organize because it is unconstitutional. And a gang of GOP governors continue their anti-union campaign as auto workers in Chattanooga, Tennessee win the first major southern labor victory in decades. 

Workers are one of the last lines of defense against corporate greed and protectors of democracy. In the spirit of solidarity, we’re asking for your support to ensure worker leaders have everything they need to sustain this fight.