Taking Action This May Day

Please read our summary of May Day 2017 events and actions across the country here.

On May 1st, a historically significant day for working people, we will join together across the country to take decisive actions and defend the rights of all of us to be able to provide for their families without fear.

We are sick and tired of a political and economic system that prioritizes corporate profits over the basic needs of our communities. We know that the change we need won’t come from President Trump, his corporate cabinet, or billionaire-backed politicians in Congress.

The only way to take action against our rigged economy is by coming together and working to raise wages and working standards for all of us. While some of us were born here and others came here to escape hardships and build a new life, we share many of the same struggles. We’ve seen corporations attack our rights to join together and negotiate for a fair return on our work, and right-wing threats against us and our families regularly used to force us to remain silent. But we will remain quiet no more.

We cannot let those who stand to profit from low wages, unsafe workplaces and increased deportations divide us against each other. From coast to coast, we will stand united and make our voices heard.

Our strength is grounded in our ability to work together. While many corporate CEOs rig the rules in their favor, working people will take action to make sure that the needs of our families are met.