Collective Action

At Jobs With Justice we believe protest by impacted communities is fundamental to democracy and we always fight to protect working people, whether they are at their workplace or in the streets. We’ve grown to a national organization by showing up in the streets with our neighbors and movement partners. Our power comes from organized people who are ready and willing to act on their beliefs. Direct action and collective action build our movement, demonstrate our power, and win concrete victories.  We support protesting that centers the dignity of everyone. 

Collective action has changed the world we live in from the civil rights movement in the USA to Gandhi’s salt marches in India to bringing down apartheid in South Africa. We defend democracy and will never be silent when people are in danger.  

We refrain from retaliating or using violence against anyone –unless force is necessary to defend ourselves or someone else from bodily harm. Anyone engaging in acts of violence threatens those who have to fight the hardest to have their voices heard the most.  

By holding to our commitment to center the most vulnerable among us, Jobs With Justice is able to bring together people from labor, community, faith, and student groups to stand in solidarity and bring dynamic social change.  We seek to be a movement home where working people are free to express their creative visions for economic democracy and racial justice.