Walmart Is Not Above the Law!

Time and time again, when Walmart workers call on the company to address low wages, erratic schedules, paltry benefits, and unacceptable working conditions, the retail giant has silenced or outright fired them.

It's unfair and illegal for Walmart to retaliate against its associates for speaking out for good jobs that support families. Over a million men and women work at Walmart and get paid such low wages that they can't afford to put food on their tables. Walmart's not just ripping off workers, they're ripping off taxpayers by making their employees rely on food stamps and other public assistance.

We need to make our voices heard so that Walmart does right by its employees.

Sign our petition demanding Walmart stop intimidating and retaliating against employees who are standing up for a better jobs and a better economy for all of us.



"I support the members of OUR Walmart speaking out for respect, better wages, and adequate hours. I demand that Walmart comply with federal law and stop intimidating workers that exercise their rights."