March 27, 2018

Ethan Miller

Ethan Miller

Tell Disney CEO Bob Iger: Don’t discriminate against your union employees!

Disney and its CEO Bob Iger are discriminating against 41,000 working people fighting for a better life for their families.

On Jan. 23, Disney CEO Bob Iger joined a number of major corporations announcing bonuses as a benefit from the federal tax cut. At Disney, that meant 125,000 employees would see a payout in the amount of $1,000.

But while Disney offered most Cast Members the bonuses with no conditions, for over 41,000 union members in Orlando, FL and Anaheim, CA currently in contract negotiations, there was a catch: They must agree to the company’s insulting contract proposals.

Together with their unions, the people who feed, entertain, serve and clean up after guests at Disney theme parks are demanding a $15 living wage. But even after a new report revealed that 73% of Disneyland crew members do not earn enough for basic expenses every month, and 11% have been homeless, the company still refuses to budge.

So-called family-friendly businesses like Disney should not go out of their way to make life harder for the people who work for them. The cast members who make Disney so successful deserve job standards and wages that value families, NOT broken promises.

Add your name to tell CEO Bob Iger to pay all Disney Employees the bonuses he promised them and to go back to the bargaining table with their unions.

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